Breeders in Europe
Sweden was the first European country importing curly horses.
There are many breeders in Sweden of which I hopefully will visit several during
march this year on my Europe tour with the intent to prepare a Conference where
all our problems and projects will be discussed.
There is also one breeder in Norway and one in Finland.
Several breeders have there own Website which are specified below:
Lene Jensen in Norway:
Musse Gruen in Sweden:
Cécilia en Suède :
Le camp de sauvage :
Four years ago Germany importet the unique Curly horses and there are now two
Gaby Kaercher and her Website:
And Daniela Sohnchen with Website:

Since the year 2000 there are also two breeders in France, and the France
Association has created an independent Website. The individual breeders Betty and
Francoise don't create there own Site at this time.
But both of us are happy to communicate with you and assist you researching all
about the CURLY.
Our e-mail addresses are:
And for Betty:

Last spring the first CURLY came to Scotland and their owners Rita and Leslie
which have a Site as well:

Finally there is now also a breeder in the Netherland..

Once we have created a European union, and have agreed to common interests it is
my intent to add a list of "curly horses for sale" to this site supported by pictures.

If any one is interested buying a Curly in the USA you are welcome to let me know. I
offer my assistance based on the two basic options: I'm glad to accompany in the
search of the desired horse based that my travel expenses are paid, or you could
trust our friend Heikki, who would forward documentation and pictures of horses
after your description and in case you have decided to buy, also aid in preparation
for export and shipment against reimbursement of his expenses and time, as he has
done for my horses.

By the end of the year 2001 there is an Expo in Lyon and by January 2002 also one
in Avignon. I will show my stallion Twister and I'm sure Betty will show her stallion.

Many European Breeders as well myself (Ranch de l'Arche Fanlu) are registered
with the
InternationalCurlyHorseOrganization with Website:

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